Michal Westerhuis
Michal Westerhuis

People who know Michal Westerhuis, will describe her as: passionate, lovely, genuine and understanding. These words also fits for her live DJ sets. Her sets are full of passion, love and a great vibe, from start to finish!

When hearing Faithless perform back in 1998 she was instantly hooked to that Trancy sound of this band. From there on Michal started to explore the world of Trance with Tiësto being one of the first ever DJ’s she witnessed. He was playing the sound she still loves so much today. Back in time, Trance was the biggest style in dance and beside Tiësto there were several DJ’s playing Trance music and making waves on a global scale. Over the years Michal watched Armin van Buuren, Svenson & Gielen, Above & Beyond and Rank 1 performing for huge amounts of people. At one point she thought; I want to do this myself!

There were eight years between watching some of the DJ’s she loved, buying music, learn the art of being a DJ and her first gig. It was a private garden party back in 2016 that gave Michal her first ever crowd. The reactions she received after and during her show were overwhelming, a sign she was on the right track. Because of the reactions and requests for music, Michal opened a Soundcloud account where she post mixes on a regular basis.

Because there were not a lot gigs available, Soundcloud was her way to let the world hear her favorite tracks and mixing skills. When Michal posts a mix she gets a nice amount of plays and reactions from friends, fans and other enthusiasts. Because of the fans and the small success of the Soundcloud mixes she got in touch with some promoters.

This is why she is invited to play “Passion For Progressive & Trance”, a returning clubnight in the Netherlands where she will show why she is one of the Trance DJ’s we need to keep in mind. She also is a resident DJ at Trance TryOut, an event twice a year. Besides DJ-ing, Michal also wants to produce her own music. The idea of producing her own idea and play it live before a crowd already gives her shivers. When writing this biography she is learning the first steps of producing a Trance record with a little bit of help from already producing friends. The first real track will be released this year and taking in consideration more gigs are being discussed as we speak, 2020 will a very exciting year for Michal Westerhuis!